Short segments have been popping into my feed from A Game of Thrones. It had me appreciating scenes, vignettes, and events all over again.

I remember when I first saw the book in a Barnes and Noble in the Mall of America in October of 1996. I was looking for another big fantasy to dive into. I remember reading through the first chapter and wondering what kind of ride this book was taking me on.

When I saw the first episodes on HBO I was so happy for the genre. There can always be more fantasy in my opinion. I didn’t have HBO at the time but I travelled a lot for work and I would catch them in the hotels I stayed in.

It is really a testament to HBO’s production quality and the caliber of actors they put together for that show. Although they deviated from the story from time to time the episodes were still impactful and memorable. Peter Dinklage is simply amazing. All of the actors were amazing. It was a great show. It’s fun to see the snippets now and again.