I have to thank Daniel Greene for the recommendation. I always like when I get a recommendation for something that I would likely never choose on my own and then find myself pleasantly surprised. Sometimes when I pick up the popular or so-called popular books I’m not as impressed. I like big books and I cannot lie. But I will stop reading if the story fails to hold my interest. I find that I do that more often with the “popular” books and less often with the surprise finds that I hear about through Youtube that I’ve never heard of before. The Sword of Kaigen is another one I’m anxious to read.

Kushiel’s Dart was one that Daniel Greene reviewed. And his honest assessment was enough to get me to buy it. The book is more than twenty years old. I thought it was a new title.

It was strange at first. For some reason I find myself surprised to be engaged by female protagonists. I suspect because so many books have male protagonists. I must just be used to it. But after the initial mystery of it I get drawn in. The world is vaguely medieval European but with enough of a twist as to be fantastic.

The writing is confident, solid, clear. The story is filled with intrigue, adventure, mystery, and erotic vignettes. The mystical world is unique and well-drawn too.

It’s always fun to find a new author that you enjoy. I’m already excited about the next books in Jacqueline Carey’s series.