I loved the Conan books. I was the perfect age when I encountered them. To this day, one of my most prized possessions are my collection of Conan books with the Frank Frazetta art on them. I think there is only one out of that series that I never found. It’s the treasure hunt I go on when I venture into old bookstores.

The pulp era was such a different time for writers. I do like reading books and stories from that era. There is a grittiness about them. Another thing I noticed about the books was how Howard’s writing improved as the stories progressed. If you’re a writer, and you stick at writing, you will see your writing improve.

Anyway, I liked some of the longer stories. Those that evidenced his increasing skill. I liked and remembered the Hour of the Dragon which was a compendium of later stories. And the Treasure of Tranicos. It has one of the best kind of twists. Where a skill that you have and completely take for granted becomes a superpower under the right circumstances.