the library ladder

When the algorithm finally dialed in my tastes, I got episodes from the library ladder. The first one that came across my feed was the review of the first Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. It was a topic I wrote about in my weekly Fantasy Friday posts. Bridger’s exposure and intro to the series echoed my own except that my brother introduced me to Covenant. But those book covers. I have that set. And Gilden Fire. I also have The Atlas of the Land. Something I will write about in another post.

Anyway, all this to say that if you haven’t checked out the library ladder on YouTube you might like it if you like reading and books. This more polished and curated channel and Bridger’s voice over talents makes learning about early editions, specific genres, and opinions about greatest living fantasy authors is informative and enjoyable.

I’m watching them all now and adding to my TBR list. I’ve read a lot of classics and there are still more to discover. Check out the library ladder. If you’re a book lover, you’ll enjoy this channel.