Patrick Rothfuss was very active on YouTube. I don’t know if that helped him get the word out about his book, but it certainly didn’t hurt. I am always on the lookout for a “doorstop” fantasy book. I like ‘em big and thick.

I read the articles that talked about the delays in The Doors of Stone. I wonder what his publisher was thinking/reacting to the delay. I’m not sure if he conceived all of the stories in his series at the beginning or if he had to come up with the next steps after that.

I enjoyed the Harry Potter movies, but I was a bit too old for the books at the time. By the time I picked up The Name of the Wind the boy who goes to wizard school was a trope. And based on replays of the movies, a tired one by that point.

The writing style was consistent and solid, but the stakes and challenges didn’t rise for me in the kind of fantasy that I look for. But people like them, and anything that helps the genre, I’m all for.

I’ll be curious to learn from Patrick Rothfuss how he knew to embark so much on YouTube. Creating content there was still pretty new at the time.