Fantasy Fridays: The Nevernight Chronicles

I think I saw this book referenced on the YouTuber Meg LaTorre’s channel. I don’t recall what she said but it was enough to get me to buy the book. The intro to that book was fantastic. It was not something that I would normally choose to read but it hooked me hard. I was not aware in the beginning that I was in the grips of a master storyteller. I tore through Nevernight.
I immediately ordered the next two books. The tongue-in-cheek footnotes were a great and unique device. Based on other book titles I’ve seen, I’m sure the assassin trope is a tried-and-true plot device like the wizard schools that J.K. Rowling started. But Jay Kristoff commands his style and is consistent and intense with it throughout.
If you haven’t read Nevernight, you might be missing something you’d really enjoy. It has me really curious about Empire of the Vampire. Jay Kristoff is a skilled author. You will go on a ride if you pick up one of his books.