Did you see the trailer for the new Willow series on Disney + ? I could tell from the production quality that it would be visually impressive and immersive. The narrative philosophy tying the images together was familiar fare. Light and dark and the universe always moving towards balance. That didn’t move me too much but then I recalled that Disney targets the young adult market. They want lifelong fans.

But the images were fantastic. It highlighted even more for me the difference between something like Disney and the Willow brand and The Wheel of Time series. I think when you have more money you can attract the kind of talent that commands more money for the creativity, experience, and ingenuity. It shows up on the screen.

People like fantasy. Even though it may be geared more for a younger audience that doesn’t mean that it can’t be stimulating and entertaining. I find that the ideas and imaginings that are generated as offshoots from the intended context and meaning are often the most engaging for me. What dreams can you see? What visions and dreams do you see when watching something like that?