I shared in an earlier Fantasy Fridays email that authors rely heavily on reviews to get readers interested in their book. However, inspiring busy readers to leave these reviews is a challenge. I thought it might help to have a list of tips and links to make the process as simple as possible.


Tips for Writing Reviews:

  • Write your review first in a Google or Word document for easy copying and pasting.
  • A title, headline, hook, or tagline definitely draws potential readers in. 
  • The review of the book does not have to be long. It can include general information and a brief plot summary, but no spoilers!
  • Be clear and specific about what you liked or disliked. Focus on the book, what you liked and didn’t like, not the author. This is YOUR review and it is meant to be subjective.
  • Include relevant keywords, and feel free to reference any similar books or authors. 
  • Be transparent if you received an advance copy of the book.
  • Sum up your review by suggesting what type of reader might enjoy the book.
  • Review your review. Streamline and edit where possible. It helps other readers in scanning the review.
  • Now, copy and paste your review onto whatever site you choose. The sites are linked below. Don’t forget to add stars and any other applicable information (tags, etc.) requested. Each site may be a little different.
  • Consider adding a photo or video to your written review to catch the attention of other readers. This really helps the review stand out! A picture of the book on a coffee table works great. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • If you prefer a video format, record your review and upload it to the video links below.


Links for Leaving a Review for Ruinwaster’s Bane:


I would also invite you to share your review on social media. When you do so, make sure to tag me @JJasonHicks (links below) and include a link to purchase the book (listed below) or join my email list (via my website link listed below). You can also tag any of the other similar authors you included in your review or other readers (including public figures) that you feel might enjoy the book.


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